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“Yuvan’s music was the curtain raiser to Chennai 28’s success,” says Venkat Prabhu

Exactly 10 years ago, the super hit Chennai – 28 helmed by Venkat Prabhu saw the light of day. The film became a trendsetter in sports genre and offered a perfect launchpad for a lot of hitherto unknown faces. The songs and the BGMs composed by Yuvanshankar Raja were also one of the major reasons for the team’s victory. 

“10 years have passed just like that and we have won our second innings too. I really feel very special on this day because ‘Chennai 28’ was the life changing film for me, Jai, Shiva, Premji Amaren, Nithin Sathya, Aravind Akash, Vijay Vasanth, Ajay Raj and our whole team. Yuvan’s music was the curtain raiser to the success. Premji’s BGM, Praveen K L’s  swift editing, and Sakthi Saravanan’s cinematography confirmed us the glory of success. This day incidentally marks our decade-long innings in the industry. SP Charan was our prime support and he will be sketched in our memories for long,” said Venkat Prabhu in an official statement. 

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