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Yugi Movie Review

Packed with good performances, Yugi is a decent thriller that does not realize full potential! Below goes our Yugi Movie Review.

An investigative drama is always interesting, as long as the characters come together nicely and produce a shocking reveal that will stun the viewer. Yugi belongs to the same genre we are talking about, but the reveal is what decides the fate of the film eventually.

We are introduced to a bunch of a characters including Kathir (a detective), Narain (a cop), Natty (a henchman) and so on. As the film moves forward, we get to know that these characters are all knit together by the missing case of Karthika (Anandhi). Karthika’s case seems decent at first, but as the film moves on, we learn that there is more to it than what meets the eye, and the film gives us some reveals that show us that what we thought isnt true.

However, the problem with Yugi lies in how it is not able to completely convince the viewer on the detailing of the script. Writer director Zac Harris scores in his presentation and emotional connect sometimes, but he could have got to the nuts and bolts of the idea without just overseeing it from an aerial view.

In terms of performances, Yugi is compelling as all the actors have shown up well. Special mentions to both Kathir and Anandhi who are very impressive, whenever they are on screen. The film also benefits from Natty and Narain at many places.

Technically, there are no great shakes but the output is not very bad either. Out of all the departments, the musical department has worked out quite well.

On the whole, Yugi is a watchable thriller that could have delivered much more.

Verdict: A watchable investigative thriller! 

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