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Naan Mirugamai Maara Movie Review

Blood and gore are usuals of this new Sasikumar film. Down goes our Naan Mirugamai Maara Movie Review.

Sasikumar’s latest outing in Naan Mirugamaai Maara is a revenge drama that is staged in an interesting fashion, but unfortunately, it does not win over the entire potential due to the lack of an enticing screenplay that keeps us engaged.

The film is about Bhoomi (Sasikumar), a sound engineer who finds his life as a puzzle when his brother is killed by few gangsters in the city. As Boomi decides to take revenge, his life as a common man changes entirely and starts affecting his family big time. Whether he can come out of his problems, is the crux of Naan Mirugamaai Maara.

Director Sathyashiva sets his plot in motion very nicely in the first half as we start to empathize for his characters as the film gets going. However, as things move on, the film does not smash the right chords and we are left loaded with lots of violence and bloodshed which come in a setting that is less than what we expected. The film has some good moments here and there but the others that come behind do not make up for what we just get across.

Sasikumar delivers a neat performance in the lead though it is not a highly demanding role from him. Though the emotional beats of the film could have landed better, it does feel like a fine outing for him. On the other hand, Vikranth is really good in the film and once again proves his mettle as a villain. The rest of the cast are at par.

Except for Ghibran’s music, the technicalities of the film are not so good and stand up to a decent level alone. On the whole, Naan Mirugamaai Maara is a middling action drama that has more blood than the brain in the storyline.

Verdict: A middling action drama where Sasikumar and Vikranth impress. 

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