Yashoda Movie Review

Samantha shines in this bright and likeable thriller! Here goes our Yashoda Movie Review.

Yashoda Movie Review

A neat and engaging thriller that works well overall

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

At a time when Samantha is down with an illness, it is bit of a motivational boost for her to have a release like Yashoda. And when that film that comes out as a thriller that is packed with fine twists and turns, it does turn out to be a good boost indeed.

Samantha plays Yashoda, a girl working for a delivery portal, who gets usurped into the world of surrogacy. Slowly, she learns that something is wrong with the system and finds out the truth behind the tale.

The first half of the film is decently paced by introducing us to the characters and then putting the plot in action. The film moves with comic elements and few emotional beats which do not land well, but picks up good pace towards the interval. The pre-interval fight sequence is something that is whistle worthy, and the film does progress well from there with the second half loaded with a good amount of twists and turns. Though the twists are well written, they are not perfectly executed on screen but still manage to keep us engaged. The climax stunt sequence is the best part of the film, and Samantha truly has put in a great effort to bring things her way.

It is once again a superb performance from Samantha who would have lapped up this role just for the action sequences and the space that she gets to play here. She is very convincing in the titular role, and directors Hari and Harish have ensured that there is enough and more for her fans.

The film also has very good performances from Varu Sarathkumar and Unni Mukundan, who give it a punchy layer. The film also has a good support cast with Sampath Raj also contributing well.

Technically, Yashoda is very good with the visuals being noteworthy and the music by Mani Sharma also working well.

On the whole, Yashoda is a neat and watchable thriller that has some artificiality in it that is hard to buy but still manages to cross the line as a competitive film.  Yashoda Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Yashoda Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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