Parole Movie Review

An interesting thriller packed with good performances and technicalities! Down goes our Parole Movie Review.

Parole Movie Review

An engaging thriller that keeps us pinned

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

It is always great to see small films coming out and making the best of the limited resources that they have in hand. And this week, we have the small film Parole which has just hit the screens, and it is really an impressive film that gives us the moments that we expect in such films.

Karikalan (Linga) is the dangerous elder brother who has already got an expertise in killing people for money and going to jail for it. On the other hand, the Kovalan (Karthik PK) is someone who has a lighter life, struggling as a plumber. In an unforeseen even when their mother passes away, Kovalan is forced to push ahead and bring his elder brother out on parole, to perform the final rites. What follows is an interesting series of incidents that keeps us pinned with North Madras backdrop playing a part as well.

The best part of Parole is in how the film does not try to punch above its weight, and catapults an interesting narrative out of the characters that it has in hand. The film has a solid first half where it puts across the characters neatly, and then smacks us with the details. The second half is filled with more of the brother-brother angle, and keeps us engaged by untying the knots one by one.

Linga drops a superb performance in the role of Karikalan, and this is his stamp to prove that he can do bigger roles from here. Karthik PK is not as impressive as the former, but does a fine job that gives the film what it needs. The rest of the cast is good too, and they add up nicely as the full picture.

The cinematography, music and editing are huge plus points to Parole and they are all carried out efficiently to best effect.

On the whole, Parole is a really good thriller that keeps us engrossed from start to finish. It does make some compromises due to its budget, but on the whole, this is a real good attempt from the team.  Parole Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Parole Movie Review Rating: 3.5/5

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