Who is Purampokku?

The photo shoot towards the promotion of the most interesting combo of  the year ‘ Purampokku’ directed by the national award winning Director S.P.Jhananathan  was done on December 1st.Presented by U T V motion pictures ‘Purampokku’ is the maiden production venture of Director S.P.Jhananathan’s Binary pictures .
The hand some Arya and the vibrant Vijay sethupathy were excited over their union and it was evident in their conversation tone. Arya with his usual tongue in cheek humour  was found asking Vijay sethupathy ‘ Who is the purampokku among us , is it you or me’…Vijay sethupathy  ever spontaneous in his reply responded could be you ,or may be myself.
The Director S.P. Jhananathan intervened at this point and said ‘ Any thing that is useful to the general public , any body who is useful to the public are ‘Purampokku’ , and it is upto you to decide with in your self who is that ‘Purampokku’. Mr.Dhananjayan.G of       U T V motion pictures laughed at the wise humour and it spread like fire . Every body in the sets were found laughing and the mood was all set for an great film with every element of success evident in the sets.The first schedule of ‘ Purampokku’ will commence from January in Kulu manali. An high attitude place for the film with peaking personalities. 
 The picture given depicts ‘ The acting prowess of Vijay sethupathy admired by Arya ‘.

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