“Purampokku is a revolutionary genre,” says Karthika Nair

Karthika Nair, who plays one of the main leads in SP Jananathan’s Purampokku, says the film can be categorised as a revolutionary genre. She also added that her role as a freedom fighter ‘Kuyili’ is one of the boldest roles in Tamil cinema. “Purampokku will be a cult film. I sincerely thank SP Jananathan for giving me a role like this so early in my career,” added Karthika Nair.

Three highlight scenes of the film including Rajasthan train scene fight, Kulu Manali chasing scene and the shots inside the jail set were filmed with multiple cameras by cinemataographer NK Ekambaram.

The team screened a special making video of the gargantuan jail set erected in Binny Mills at the press meet. The set is constructed at a cost of Rs. 2 crores and 50 lakhs and a substantial part of the film is shot inside the set. More than 200 workers toiled hard for three months to mount the set for the shoot. A special documentary is directed about the jail set by Rokant, one of SP Jananathan’s assistants.

The jail making video is attached below:


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