Walter Movie Review

Natty is the first force of this cop-crime film set in Kumbakonam. Down goes our Walter Movie Review.

Walter is the latest addition to the list of cop films in Tamil cinema. The film brings forward Sibi Sathyaraj as a cop in the city of Kumbakonam, trying to bring in things under control. Debutant director Anbu packs in multiple characters and a child trafficking backdrop into the film, along with the usual commercial elements.

Walter starts off with Sibi being introduced to us a righteous cop, who is smart when it comes to tackling his cases in the city. While the politicians rule one side with their own ways, Walter and his higher officials come across some wrongdoings which they begin to correct. When Walter correctly sketches out a plan and encounters Bala (Samudhirakani), things look good on his side. But as problems persist with regards to little babies being kidnapped and injected with a mysterious chemical, Walter decides to crack down the case. It is only here that he realizes and unearths the racket behind it, which is run a group of criminals. The rest of the film is between these characters, and how the cop fights it all to bring the situation back to normal.

Though Sibi Sathyaraj looks good in the cop uniform, one expected a better performance from him. Natty is the actor who brings in a fair performance to the film, while the rest of the cast stutter. The technicalities of the film, including the music, cinematography, editing and the VFX all pass muster.

Though director Anbu has showed intent in using the child trafficking angle, he could have explored it better with a smarter sensibility in the visual approach as well. Walter progresses on the whole with minimal impact, and could have been a better film if some more attention was put into the writing or the presentation.

Verdict: A mildly engaging cop outing.

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