“Visaaranai theatrical version will be less intense,” confirms Vetrimaaran

The Indian premiere of Vetrimaaran’s Visaaranai was showcased at the 17th Mumbai International Film Festival yesterday to a rousing non-stop applause and standing ovation from the audiences. The viewers were flabbergasted with the brute rawness of police torture methods and its consequences in the film and expressed awe at Vetri’s intense film-making.

However, Vetri confirmed that the theatrical version will be less intense compared to the festival version. “I was editing the film until three day before. The theatrical cut will have no cuss words, more background score and be less intense. And yes, it is to appease the censor board. The first part of the film is completely taken from the book Lock Up written by Chandrakumar. The second half is my imagination with shades of some incidents happened in real-life. I never had a script for the second half. I was feeling very guilty to write it,” said a candid Vetrimaaran.

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