Vikram opens up about his stunning transformation for the role in ‘Ai’

National award-winning actor Vikram’s looks in Ai is the one of the most discussed topics in the tinsel town. When the first look posters were revealed, film buffs were awe-struck about the transformation Vikram had undergone. Now, the actor for the first time, has opened up in detail about the rigorous workout schedules and the diets he followed. He started preparing for his look in Ai two years back as soon as Shankar narrated him the story.

Vikram had a stellar team consisting of three men who supervised him to prepare for the look. His trainers were always with him even during the shooting of the film. One of the trainers, Bharath prepared his diet and workout schedules while the other two, Joseph and Vidya Sagar (the physiotherapist) executed the plans.

  • Vikram followed a fiber based diet and exotic fruits from different countries were imported. Best European protein supplements were used for the diet
  • Plyometric workouts were the base. The diet was framed in such a way that the specific workout routine gave maximum results
  • As the diet and workout in turn increases the body heat, the actor cut-down the heat from affecting his workout routines with regular head massages with oil

“Looks alone can’t convince an audience about a character, but how one looks on screen is instrumental in building a certain image around the role. When I’m playing a particular role, I would like to look like the character rather than like myself,” says Vikram about his relentless transformation.

Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle

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