Vijay’s Twitter Chat: Essential Things You Need To Know!

Vijay is one of the few actors who regularly stays in touch with his ardent fans. Ever since it was announced that Vijay will chat with his followers and fans on Twitter today, there has been an overwhelming fan frenzy on the platform. Now, the actor has completed his conversation session in style and has opened up about a range of things from working with debut directors to overlooking Venkat Prabhu’s question to his films being a soft target in recent times. We have compiled a list of essential things you need to know from the chat below.

  • He started his chat with the first reply – “Out of 58 films i have worked in 28 first time director films….ok va na!!” when somoone quizzed about why he’s not working with debutant filmmakers. There cannot be a more fitting reply from Vijay, we think!
  • Few fervent followers asked about his silence in many differnent ways. Vijay’s patient enough to reply few of them. He went philosophical when he replied “Bayamum illai padhungavum illai, anubhavam thedurom.. Avlo dhan..” when he was asked “Thalaiva, Naama bayandhu odhunguramma illa paaya padhunguramma?” by a wishful fan. Vijay also added, “silence is the source of great strength” for a question, so many issues yet u r so calm and determined, wer do u get that strength?
  • Vijay’s lengthy reply for a question was one of the highlights of chat. He went almost spiritual and a little diplomatic with his reply. A wishful fan asked, “Anna What is your mindset when your movies are being targeted in recent times?” and Vijay responded with a string of replies. “I believe in the BOOK OF LIFE written by God. I really don’t know what is in the next page for me. I have lived my pages happily so far and don’t want to know what is in store for me. Ennoda kadamaiya correct-a panna aasai padurain…palana edhiparkama!
  • Meanwhile, he thanked his Medavakk1am Fans for their welfare activites when his fan shared pictures of the same, said Hi to a young kid whose her mother politely said he’s her biggest fan and gave a piece of advice to another fan who considers him a role model – uzhaithidu uyarndhidu unnal mudiyum !!”
  • Regarding working with the young turk Anirudh, he said “Young man…High Energy!!!
  • In between all these, someone complained about fans fighting it out on social media and Vijay gave a sensible reply and agreed that he’s aware. “yes I’m aware & it’s unfortunate. I request my fans to stop this & focus their energy more in social issues and show strength,” replied Vijay
  • However, the loveliest and most beautiful reply from Vijay came when he answered about his relationship he shares with his fans. Suddenly, he took to his mother tongue to answer the question. “வெற்றியில் என்னிடம் ஒட்டிக்கொண்டவர்கள் அல்ல தோல்ல்வியில் என்னை தட்டிக்கொடுத்தவர்கள் என் ரசிகர்கள். நடிகன் ரசிகன் தாண்டிய உறவு எங்களுடையது
  • How could a social media chat end without celebrities? Yes, director Venkat Prabhu and composer Anirudh Ravichander spiced up the proceedings with their share of questions. Venkat Prabhu asked, “Anna eppo namma padam pannalaam?!!” and Vijay gave the world’s best reply – “🙂” And, a little of bromance too happened when Anirudh said, “Hi sir.. Missing you 🙂” and Vijay replied, “Ha Ha!! Miss You too!!!”
  • Vijay answered to the most burning question which went viral online after the release of Kaththi to a fan. Question: “You did cola advertisement b4 and now you are talking against them in kaththi. Isn’t it hypocritical ?” and Vijay responded saying, “I would be extremely happy if people start questioning political parties like this when they make electoral alliances. yes I did an ad earlier…most of the big Indian celebrities like sachin,aamir khan also were brand ambassadors. I don’t endorse the brand anymore. When I heard kathi script it did make sense to me and I voiced it through Jeeva character. I feel happy to have done that now. Ennoda thavarugalai thiruthikolgira saadharna manushan dhaan naanum
  • And, he answered to the most controversial too. Superstar title or llayathalapathy title? – “whe n I started my career I wanted ppl to like & accept. Today u hve accepted me more than I even imagined. ungaloda indha anbukku munnal Endha titleum perusa thonalai. Endrum ungal Vijay,” replied Vijay maturely!
  • Time for punch: “Padam varadhunu sonnanga.. Theatre jannale odachanga.. 12 manivaraikum ticket kudukala.. Yenni 12 vadhu naal..100 Cr nu sonnanga,” replied Vijay when he was asked to comment on the Kaththi issue.

He signed off with a thank you and his customary En nenjil kudiyurukum anbu rasigargaluku nandri greeting to his fans

PS: Vijay said he is thankful to his haters too



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