Venkat Prabhu and team congratulate Karun Nair

Director Venkat Prabhu’s Chennai 28 Second Innings has emerged as one of the super hit films of 2016 despite facing a host of problems including demonetisation and cyclone Vardah. The team has extended their greetings to Karun Nair, the man who scored a brilliant triple hundred in his maiden Test innings in Chennai.

“On behalf of our Chennai 28 team and Tamil Audience we congratulate our new born hero Karun Nair, for his Chennai 303. We know the value of success against challenges and competitions. We are able to relate ourselves to Karun’s success, who has to fight his way into the team and prove himself. The success of Chennai 28 is more or less the same. The response we get from the exhibitors and audience can be compared to the ovation of Chepauk. Deafening and heartening,” he said in an official statement.

“Kudos to the young Indian team in winning this test and the series too. The attitude of the principal player decides the course of any match. Like the Indian captain Virat , Yuvan has been our principle match winner. The other crew and cast rallied around him to bring this glory. Like the current Indian Team, every single man had a moment of glory. I felt very happy when a senior industry person told me ‘you have given the industry a bunch of heroes…. ‘ After all, this is the greatest gift of Chennai 28, I will say. The days of my team competing with the best in the trade are right here,” added Venkat Prabhu with pride.

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