“Veerappan was the most dangerous man in Asia,” says Ram Gopal Varma

Director Ram Gopal Varma who is awaiting the Tamil version release of Hindi film Veerappan has said that the forest bandit was the most dangerous man in Asia. “Veerappan was the most dangerous man in Asia and arguably the whole world because unlike Osama Bin Laden he didn’t even have an organization. He was just a plain criminal who walked around in chappals with a double barrel gun in his hands. I was following his activities right from the first time I heard about him till he died in 2004,” said Ram Gopal Varma who met the press in Chennai.

Villathi Villain Veerappan frankly is a reinvention for me as a director because this film has changed me both on a professional and personal level in many ways. That is primarily because of a very different way I had to develop a cinematic structure to do justice to the complexities of the subject matter of Veerappan. As a final word I feel enriched as a cinema connoisseur from my experience of making Villathi Villain Veerappanbecause I had the opportunity to dwell into the most dangerous minds I have ever known and I am not talking about Veerappan and his gang. They actually belong to the people who killed him,” said RGV. The film is all set for release on May 27th.

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