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Vallinam Movie Review

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Sportive all the way

Overall, Vallinam is the stress & pain that any sportsmen should persuade. Movie details that sports and sportsmanship should go hand in hand.

Cast : Nakul, Mrudhula, Atul Gukarni, Jagan, Sidhu, Amzath & Others, Aadhi & Krishna (Special Appearance).

Cinematography : Bhaskaran

Editing : Sabu Joseph

Written – Direction : Arivazhagan

Produced by : Aascar Films 


Vallinam has the element of striking hard for what you take and Nakul staring the game has done that quite successfully.

Vallinam directed by Arivazhagan melting it from his previous block buster Eeram has won the finals and to be noted that film was under cover for so many months for its release in the big screens. The movie has a strong message to encourage all the sports and its personality it also details the ability and will power of sportsmanship.

Vallinam starts with Nakul’s small flashback with his friend Actor Krishna and his death tragedy while playing an inter college Basketball tournament. Krishna having a weak cardiac attack dies when Nakul accidently hits him hard while passing the ball. This incident makes Nakul very disappointed and disturbed virtually plans of walking away from the college, sport and his home in Trichy. Actor Krishna and Aathi walks in for a cameo and stays in soul. Nakul with a heavy heart joins a college in Chennai where he meets his news friends and in accordance they happen to be the basketball players in the college. The star has shown all form of emotions and tries himself hard from being away from the sport, but situations prefer him to be in and losing that grip the star challenges the senior of the college that cricket is not only the sport that is be cherished in this country. With this challenge the end of first half is done with making us wait for the real tournament to begin.

Actress Mrudhula pairing Nakul has shown respect for her romance and the sport by supporting the hero till the very end is sure to change attitude of many youngsters today. The 2nd half is the Basketball tournament and practice all the way. Seeking sponsors for the team Nakul and co making efforts they are left humiliating and pale. Atul Kulkarani, the coach of team takes 5 minutes to explain that any authority or association are not well formed for other sports  rather than cricket in this country, is the hard painful truth that everybody should accept is the highlight of the movie.

Jayaprakash a big business man in the city decides to sponsor the basketball tournament on his daughter Mruthula’s wish but in return ask his daughter to stay from any romantic relationship. Jayaprakash once again melts the audience with his crisp acting and attitude. Nakul has shown maturity in his acting and all the others have done their part well, but still that element of comedy is real missing in the college campus with Jegan having no partners to host the comic portions in the script.

The songs are not much impressive. But BGM & Cinematography pays the respect for the script and screenplay. What are the challenges that Nakul and team faces to win the championship title in the Basket ball tournament is Vallinam all about. The director has shown good respect for sports and sportsmanship by letting the end cards to have all the sports personality in the country and in additional has Thala Ajith who recognized himself in the racing sports will provoke his fans to respect the will power and interest in all the sports.