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Kaarkuzhal Kadavaiye
Maadila Nikkura Maankutty
Ennadi Maayavi Nee
Mathiya Seraiyila
Alangaara Pandhal
King of the Sea
Vada Chennai Theme

A stupendous, carefully constructed soundtrack!

With Vada Chennai, Santhosh Narayanan puts his best foot forward with a well-researched album that pays generous importance to being rooted in the culture owing to the film’s title. The lyrics, vocals and music have their own share of experimentations at different points of the album. Definitely, all the songs in the album are not playlist-friendly right now and will take their own sweet time before actually bringing about the impact, but the music surely deserves praise for the terrific variety that it brings to the table.

Cast: Dhanush, Aishwarya Rajesh, Andrea

Music: Santhosh Narayanan

Lyrics: Gana Bala, G.Rokesh, Vivek, Arivu, Shenoy Nagar Shanmugam, Sindhai Nathan

Director: Vetrimaaran

Label: Wunderbar

Sandhanatha: Singers – Ka Ka Bala, Gaana Bala

Electric celebration song that is packed with the vocals of Ka Ka Bala and Gaana Bala, the specialists who make it really enjoyable. This just might be the mass number that the film needed to connect across all centers.

Goindhammavaala: Singer – Dhanush

Too much fun. Firstly, we got to give it to Dhanush for coming up with a mischievous stress-and-pause rendition that needs some homework, which the actor pulls off. Rokesh’s style of lyric-writing has been altered a little bit to fit into the tune which is definitely slower than the other songs that he has penned. A special mention to the um-ums which add a jolly new tinge. Our PICK!

Kaarkuzhal Kadavaiye: Singers – Sriram Parthasarathy, Vijaynarain, Ananthu, Pradeep Kumar

This song is brilliant with the way it handles the different singers, giving them different pitches with the lyrics being a slightly complicated range. Stringing them together is a seamless flute orchestration that just elevates it to the next level. Such an EDM background may be slightly alien for a film like this, but that’s what makes it more playlist-friendly. Our PICK, definitely!

Maadila Nikkura Maankutty: Singers – Gaana Bala, Dhee

With lines like ‘goli soda enna odachu oothi gaali panniputta’, the song has an extremely child-like flair with some chicken-like sounds which aid it gain color. Dhee makes a special entrance towards the end, it’s a different shade for her too!

Ennadi Maayavi Nee: Singer – Sid Sriram

This one has Sid Sriram in a matured suit, on the lines of his Nee Tholaindhaayo from Kavalai Vendam. The song has a slowly rising instrumentation that can pull you into the moody and atmospheric setting, great to see the empty spaces play a major part in the overall effect. Our PICK. 

Epadiyamma: Singers – Sindhai, Rev Ravi

A pathos, ‘oppari’ song that sounds exactly like one. No needless additions.

Mathiya Seraiyila: Singer – Arivu 

The only track in the album which sounds out of place, with a very amateur nature.

Alangaara Pandhal: Singer – Dholak Jagan

Another death song that speaks volumes about a ‘friend’ who has breathed his last.

King of the Sea: Instrumental

An instrumental theme which is a cakewalk for the composer, who bangs through with raging high points on a drum base. The trumpet and chorus additions are the icing on the cake. Our PICK.

Vada Chennai Theme: Instrumental

Haunting is the word. As heard in the teaser, this one taps a single verse with impressive drops and elongations. Our final PICK.  

Vada Chennai Songs Review Rating: 3.75/5

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Written By: Siddarth Srinivas