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Vaanam Kottatum Songs Review

Team Credits
  • Cast: R. Sarathkumar, R Radikaa Sarathkumar, Vikram Prabhu, Aishwarya Rajesh, Madonna Sebastian, Shanthnu Bhagyaraj.
  • Music: Sid Sriram
  • Lyrics: Siva Ananth
  • Director: Dhana
  • Produced by: Madras Talkies
  • Label: Sony Music

Vaanam Kottatum Songs Review

An eclectic assemblage of tunes!

Kannu Thangom
Easy Come Easy Go
Poova Thalaiyaa
En Uyir Kaatre
Thinam Thinam

Kannu Thangom: Singer – Sid Sriram, Shaktisree Gopalan

In his very first track, Sid Sriram arises a very meditative setup that brings forward a moody and atmospheric aura. The rendition is neat, but the techniques in the flow of the song take it steps higher.

Easy Come Easy Go: Singers– Tapass Naresh, MadM, Sanjeev, Sid Sriram 👍

Just like his guru, Sid Sriram’s interestingly paced out track gets in the feels after repeated listens and goes on to fetch the slow poison label. Though the instrumentations are mostly computerized, what sets them apart is the way the song comes together at the high points. Our PICK.

Poova Thalaiyaa: Singers – Anthony Daasan, Sid Sriram 👍

Sid Sriram is one of the very few composers to make use of Anthony Daasan’s vocals in a very innovative manner. The song has a local and grungy mood to it, but still strikes some class with the alternating vocal setup. A peach of a track, and the PICK of the album.

En Uyir Kaatre: Singer – Sid Sriram

Lyrically, this track turns up in top drawer, with nicely placed lines that never go out of rhythm. Sid Sriram brings his usual stressed out rendition style to the table, with the music slowly gaining momentum and working very well.

Mannava: Singer – Shaktisree Gopalan

A minimalistic composition with Shaktisree’s haunting vocals being the biggest takeaway.

Thinam Thinam: Singer – Sid Sriram 👍

Intriguing trance fusion by the composer here, with his breathy rendition making it sound better. The ‘Thinam Thinam’ hook is very enjoyable, making this song hop onto your mind in the very first listen. Another PICK from the album.

Vaanam Kottatum is an album where each song is different from the other, being impressive in its own ways. Sid Sriram makes a compelling composing debut with a good load of innovation, and a musical style that seems to be his own. For those who love his vocals, there is enough and more in the soundtrack as he has sung five out of the six songs, without making them too much of the same thing. And that is a win in itself. Vaanam Kottatum Songs Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Vaanam Kottatum Songs Review Rating: 3.5/5

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