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“Vaalu will be like a Rajinikanth film,” says director Vijay Chander

As the final verdict from the court is waiting to be announced, the release date of Vaalu is still uncertain. If the film gets postponed this week, sources say it will finally get to see the light of day on July 31st. Director Vijay Chander, who makes his debut with the film, says he will be indebted to Simbu for staying on with the project.

“Simbu could have left the project midway and moved on. But he didn’t because he knew it was my first film and understood how important it would be for me. He didn’t give up on me or the project and I’ll always be indebted to him for life for that,” says Vijay to news agency IANS.

When quizzed about the film’s story, he says, “It’s about a guy from a middle class family, his love and his friends. It will be like a Rajinikanth film aimed to entertain different sections of the audience. Irrespective of their age, each viewer will relate with the film one way or the other.”

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