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Unarvu Movie Review

Starring – Suman , Aroul Shankar, Shinav, Ankitha, Kanthasamy, Venkat Bharadwaj, Kottachi, Bala Guru, Navaneethan, Sunny Madhavan, Natigar Shivashankar ; Music – Nakul Abhyankar ; PRO – Nikkil Murugan ; Cinematographer – David Jan ; Editing – Chandan P ; Directed by Subu ; Produced by Amrutha Film Center ; Release Date: 19-07-2019 ; Run Time: 01:58:00

With decent performances and a story with some heart, Unarvu is a tale that might touch the emotional space in you. The film stresses on a situation where a political game is played with feelings as the center stage, with the entire web spun around it.

The plot of the film is what is quite novel. Three beggars are brought forward to the scene, and introduced to a do-gooder who helps them find a job and go up in life. Things move forward in fine fashion until some cards are pulled out by the gentleman, in an attempt to surprise the audiences. The second half follows the rest of the events leading up to the snake-and-ladder game involving all the politicians, going up right up to the CM played by Suman. The emotional attempt in the climax is one of the film’s best scenes, ending up on a good note making up for the inconsistency so far.

With the director himself deciding to take up an important role, the cast is filled in by okay-to-good performers who contribute to the requirements of the film. Technically, it is just adequate. The music is the film’s plus point, with Nakul Abhyankar adding up some positivity through the songs and the BGM.

Overall, Unarvu has some good moments and it could have been a lot finer with some better writing, but nevertheless, a fair attempt from the team.

Verdict – A passable political drama 

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