Kadaram Kondan Movie Review

Cast: Vikram, Akshara Haasan, Abi Haasan, Lena Abhilash, Vikas Shrivastav and others; Produced by Raajkamal Films International in association with Trident Arts; Written and Directed by Rajesh M Selva; Music and Background Score : Ghibran; Cinematography : Srinivas R.Gutha; Editor : Praveen K L; Art Director : Prem Navas; Stunt Coordinator: Gilles Conseil; Release Date: 19-07-2019; Run Time: 02:01:00

Rajesh M Selva’s directorial debut in Thoongavanam was a neat thriller that gave the right spaces to its characters. The director seems to have a flair to bring down foreign films to the Tamil scene, and repeats the same by roping in the storyline of Point Blank and adapting it for Tamil audiences. Kadaram Kondan, at a quick stance, feels like a sister of Thoongavanam in terms of its presentation and the stylizing of characters. The film is set in Malaysia, has a supporting cast who we are not familiar with and has more chases (say running around) than action. But above all the positives and negatives, there are two men in Chiyaan Vikram and Abi Hassan who bear the entire weight of the film on their shoulders and take it through.

Kadaram Kondan has the two leads characters crossing roads, which leads them to more twisted consequences. Right from the start, there is a lot of style in the film and it majorly comes in through Chiyaan Vikram’s highly impressive outlook which is one of the best appearances we have seen him in off late. With comparatively lesser dialogues and screen space to own, the man majorly does his job through his eyes and the action sequences. Next in line is Abi Hassan who makes a competitive debut, though it is sort of obvious to state his resemblance with Vikram Prabhu. The rest of the cast do bits and pieces to the film, with one feeling that a better cast would have helped it further.

Kadaram Kondan’s technicalities stand strong with good cinematography and editing work. The music by Ghibran overpowers the situations, but he still proves himself as a capable composer for such a film.

Rajesh Selva could have come up with a mightier product if he had put in some efforts at the writing stage of the film. Kadaram Kondan, even at its best scenes, feels flatted out without any emotional connection to the characters onscreen. The film is brought back to normal by Chiyaan Vikram’s presence, the presence of a few good moments from the source material, and the short runtime. A fair watch overall!

Kadaram Kondan Movie Review Rating: 3/5

Written By: Siddarth Srinivas

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A crisp and stylish thriller!

Kadaram Kondan is a crisp and progressive thriller that qualifies as a fair watch. Chiyaan Vikram is in his element and handles the film well along with Abi Hassan who is equally impressive. Thanks to some good action sequences which upholds the second half!