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Udanpirappe Movie Review

Sasikumar, Jyothika and Samuthirakani are very impressive in this engaging family drama. Below goes our Udanpirappe Movie Review.

Udanpirappe Movie Review

A well-constructed family drama that comes loaded with laudable performances.

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

In her second innings, Jyothika has largely limited herself to films where she is the main central character, with the entire story revolving around her. However, in her 50th film Udanpirappe, the actress shares the limelight with Sasikumar, her on-screen brother. The film directed by Era. Saravanan comes across as a very engaging drama that has a lot going for it, including impressive performances from its entire cast and some well-staged scenes that will have audiences tearing up.

Udanpirappe, as the name goes, is bent on the relationship between Vairavan (Sasikumar) and Maathangi (Jyothika), who had faced sour issues in the past and have been separated from each other due to what has happened. As they try to stitch together the issues, more problems crop up and what happens thereon forms the crux of the story.

Era. Saravanan gives the film a very old-school feel and delves deep into the emotions of the character right from the first scene. The film has a very busy first half and does not waste much time trying to establish its characters one by one, rather it takes it in the flow and gets the points across on why the problems between the characters came in. The film does however face some issues in the second half, with the pacing problems showing up. However, the exciting final stretch is sure to connect with the masses and make an impact overall.

Sasikumar delivers a very matured and likable performance in the film, doing what is required for the role with complete conviction. The actor presents himself in a very strong manner, which is an advantage for the film. Jyothika on the other hand, lands herself in a spectacular role that is entirely different from what she has done in her second innings. Her performance in the second half deserves a special mention. Samuthirakani is apt as the strict teacher, and there are a lot of other superb names such as Sija Rose and Soori who lead the cast well.

Velraj’s cinematography overall is superb and gives the film a very authentic feel. Imman’s music does not have great songs, but his re-recording does the trick.

On the whole, Udanpirappe is a well-oiled emotional family drama that deserves viewing. It may be a little old-fashioned, but its structure and presentation are worthy of praise. Udanpirappe Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Udanpirappe Movie Review Rating: 3.25/5

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