Thunivu Movie Review

Ajith Kumar’s villainous act leads the fun in this mostly engaging thriller! Down goes our Thunivu Movie Review.

Thunivu Movie Review

A compelling action thriller led by a terrific Ajith!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

H.Vinoth’s films are those who always catch a good theme and try to build an entertaining story around it. In the same way, the director tackles yet another space regarding bank frauds with respect to his latest film in Thunivu.

Thunivu is based on the story of Ajith’s character, who surprises a gang who plan to rob the bank, by getting there before them. As two parties come together to bring down the same bank, the police, media and people involved learn that there is more to it than what meets the eye, as Ajith’s character brings many untold truths to the limelight. The first half of Thunivu flows ahead like a bullet and has lots of whistle-worthy moments for the star’s fans. The racy episodes and action sequences keep it going at a terrific pace, and one does feel there is lot more in store. However, in the second half, H. Vinoth gets back to the same board as he did in Valimai, trying to bring in an emotional angle to the storyline which is hard to connect to. The film then banks on Ajith’s action sequences, his swag and villainy which take it through till the end.

Ajith truly carries the film on his shoulders for most parts, as his evil outlook and unique body language are enjoyable to an extent. Once again, it is up to him to deliver his best for the action sequences and there are no complaints whatsoever there.

Manju Warrier is decent, and supports the film’s requirements well. The rest of the cast including Samuthirakani, Bucks, Ajay and the rest are fine.

Thunivu grabs its goodies from its solid technical work including the heavy and thumping BGM by Ghibran, the slick camera work by Nirav Shah. The editing is a bit off the hook at places, but it does not affect the film much. Credit to stunt master Supreme Sundar for the superb work, the mocobot shots and the 360 degree spin in the second half deserve praise.

On the whole, Thunivu is a watchable action thriller that has a very good first half but does not quite gather itself nicely in the second half. The film’s fast pacing and short runtime work as its positives, and that is enough to guarantee a fine watch in theatres.  Thunivu Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Thunivu Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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