Theera Kadhal Movie Review

Jai finally gets a good film to his name with this emotional and engaging drama. Below goes our Theera Kadhal Movie Review.

Theera Kadhal Movie Review

A sweet and sensible drama on relationships and well-being.

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Director Rohin Venkatesan showed his sense of catching good emotions well in his debut outing Adhe Kangal, and followed it up with a basic outing in Petromax. In his third film Theera Kadhal, the director opts for a story of an ex-lover coming back into the life of a man, and captures it in a sweet and sensible way throughout.

Theera Kaadhal is about Gautham (Jai), a man with a happy family that has a caring wife and a cute daughter. When Gautham goes out of city to Mangalore for a project, he meets his ex-lover Aranya (Aishwarya Rajesh) who is suffering from an abusive relationship with her husband Prakash (Amzath). Gautham gives her a good time out, and tries to get her out of the dark zone, but things turn for the worse when Aranya wishes to find comfort in Gautham alone, and keeps coming back into his life as a creepy stalker. This creates further issues for Gautham who has come out of his memories with Aranya, and has started a lovely new life with Vandana (Shivada).

Director Rohin and writer GR Surendranath have explored human emotions very well in this story-line, allowing good walks into the lives of the three main characters. The depth that they have managed to achieve in the film is really good, and helps the viewer differentiate between the characters and their scheme of things in the movie. While Jai plays the helpless man stuck between two women, Shivada is a woman with clear thoughts and Aishwarya Rajesh – the woman who is stuck with no other option and cannot look past her ex-lover. The clarity in characterization is what makes the film work, and there are a handful of good moments in the second half that either make you laugh or get the emotional touch right.

After a long time, Jai gets a good film to do and he is very good at it. Shivada is excellent as the wife, and has a well-defined role once again.

Aishwarya Rajesh’s character might seem irritating on the surface, but once you go deeper into the film, you understand her plight as well.

Siddhu Kumar’s music is very well done, and the composer backs up his good songs with even better BGM. The technical factors of the film such as camerawork by Ravi Varma Elangovan and editing by GK Prasanna are neat.

On the whole, Theera Kaadhal is a relatable relationship drama that works thanks to some good writing stretches and the performances of its leads.  Theera Kadhal Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Theera Kadhal Movie Review Rating: 3.25/5

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