Kazhuvethi Moorkkan Movie Review

Arulnithi delivers one of his best performances in this intense rural drama. Down goes our Kazhuvethi Moorkkan Movei Review.

Kazhuvethi Moorkkan Movie Review

An engaging and intense rural action drama!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

In his debut film Raatchasi, director Sy Gowtham Raj worked out a serious film in the backdrop of a school, with a nice twist. In his sophomore effort, Kazhuvethi Moorkan, the directors opts for a caste politics backdrop and adds a lot of rage to it through his lead actor in Arulnithi.

The film is based on the relationship between Moorkan (Arulnithi) and Bhoomi (Santhosh Prathap), and the friendship that they share despite belonging to different caste sectors. The first half of the film is decent with Arulnithi’s character being introduced as the angry man, and the character establishments being done one after the other. The film moves at a fine pace here, and is lit up by Dushara Vijayan who is superb as the female lead. Her portions with Arulnithi are so nicely done, with the love scenes not diluting the film’s core content which is the caste politics. Into the second half, the film moves into various territories and packs in lot of action sequences, rage, a few twists and quite a shocking climax that offers reasoning that is somewhat debatable. The second half is the better of the two in the film, and makes the film an engaging watch on the whole.

Arulnithi does a terrific job in the film, and it is easily one of his best performances in recent times. The actor emotes the anger and rage in prime form, and has done superbly in the action sequences.

Santhosh Prathap offers great support, and is proving to be a very good actor in such roles. Dushara Vijayan is very good, while Chaaya Devi and the rest of the cast are good fits. 

Imman’s music is the highlight of the film, with his BGM particularly upping the ante at many places. The cinematography is just about par, it could have been better with unique placements.

On the whole, Kazhuvethi Moorkkan is a fine rural drama that is engaging majorly in the second half where it comes together nicely.  Kazhuvethi Moorkkan Movie Review by Only Kollywood

Kazhuvethi Moorkkan Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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