The Dhanush Interview: “Maari 2 will be definitely better than Maari in terms of content & emotions”

In a brief chat with Only Kollywood, the multi-faceted Dhanush talks about the mixed reviews for his latest outing VIP 2, his upcoming lineup of films including the highly-anticipated Hollywood debut and approach towards acting.

Real-life inspirations in his movies

“Parts of VIP-1 had some sort of connections with my real life. I would not say those connections are with my own life; some I would have encountered, some I would have seen in my acquaintances. Those realistic moments are the ones that establish a connection with the audience and a film,” said Dhanush, adding that he likes to give his stories an emotional touch that strikes a chord with audiences.

Dhanush, who has penned the story and dialogues for VIP-2, has agreed the fact that the core idea of VIP-1 was his.

Prod him about his back to back lineup of interesting projects, Dhanush, humbly, says, “I did not formulate any plans. Everything happened in its own way and time. I just surrendered to the almighty and going wherever he takes him.”

Going against the grain with the climax of VIP 2

“The formula is same right from the black and white days. But for a film to reach the audience something should be new. I always believe in the fact that men and women are equal. In the film, you can’t term Vasundhara Parameshwar as a villi; she’s not that. She is right in her own way and she is a good person. So there’s absolutely no need for her to reform, or Raghuvaran to repress her. So I needed a strong climax and I wanted no subjugation. I needed some person or force to make her realize that everyone’s equal,” explained Dhanush about the climax of VIP 2, which has grabbed the attention of audiences and is appreciated by everyone.

About the mixed reviews for the film

Dhanush said he always knew that comparisons with the first part were inevitable and was prepared for the mixed reviews.

“Although I agree that ‘VIP 2’ should be viewed as a stand-alone film, I accept that comparisons are bound to happen naturally. The first part was a classic cult success. But I would like to suggest critics to hear the opinion from a fraction of the audience coming out of the film before they post their own. It’s just a suggestion”

Turning down three Hollywood projects 

“I have turned down three Hollywood projects before The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir. I agreed to do the role of Ajatashatru because of the positivity it carries. That’s a very strong character which has a lot to tell the world,” said Dhanush.

Approach towards acting

“It depends on the character. For a film like Thiruvilayaaddal Aarambam and Polladhavan, I go to the sent and enact my scenes spontaneously. But for Maari, the character was not a cakewalk. It demanded some time and preparation, it’s like walking on a rope. If I overdo a little, it will fall into a gray shade. Maari is one of the toughest roles I played.”

Maari 2 will be definitely better than Maari

“The mixed reviews for Maari didn’t affect me. It was one of my best-collected films. I generally feel that a major number of commercial movies get mixed reviews. Only a few proper commercial films escape that. It’s just my observation. But, Maari 2 will definitely be better than the first part on both content and emotions side,” said Dhanush who vouches that it will be a genuine sequel.

Dhanush also said that his upcoming gangster film Vada Chennai will be ultra-commercial. “We are shooting each part separately. After the first part is released, we will shoot the next part,” he added.

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