Thambi Movie Review

A super-neat family drama that packs in a good load of thrills and spills! Down goes our Thambi Movie Review.

Thambi Movie Review

Twists and turns galore!

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Jeethu Joseph reprised his Malayalam blockbuster in Drishyam to give us Papanasam, a superb remake of the original. Back he is now, with Thambi, an engaging thriller that sets up the stage nicely in the first half and delivers the goods with some sumptuous twists in the second. The film is a great example of how to pull off a proper family drama with minimum resources, and also handling a big ensemble cast.

Thambi is the story of conman Vicky (Karthi) who makes his way into the family of Gnanamoorthy (Sathyaraj), as the long lost son. What follows is a series of events that intertwine all the characters of Jyothika, Anson Paul, Sowcar Janaki, Nikhila Vimal and the others. Along with his team of writers, Jeethu Joseph pins in some exciting plot points which are peppered all throughout the film in the form of twists and turns. He builds the film with character establishments and some detailing in the first half, and then pulls out the magic wand in the second half where the screenplay is packed with surprises for the audiences. As the protagonist in Karthi finds his way up to the truth, there is loads of space for the audience to go wow along with him, making Thambi a very convincing and unpredictable thriller on the whole.

This is yet another good show from Karthi post Kaithi, making both his selection and execution work out well. Thambi also turns out to be one of Jyotika’s better outings in her second innings, as she is very good in the portions that she is there in.

The ever-dependable Sathyaraj has a celebratory outing here as well, with a king-like performance once again. The rest of the cast including the lovable little Ashwanth and the others all have good parts to play.

Thambi is ably supported by the music from Govind Vasantha which is impressive in the second half, and the cinematography by RD Rajasekar which works out new ways of projections despite being shot in repetitive locations.

On the whole, Thambi turns out to be a pleasant surprise, becoming a familial thriller that keeps you pinned until the very end. Jeethu Joseph succeeds with another very good film in his exclusive style. Thambi Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Thambi Movie Review Rating: 3.5/5

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