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A pedestrian tale, but has its moments!

Thaakka Thaakka, definitely, has its moments. But, the ready-made story-line and some unappealing screenplay choices Sanjeev has taken make it a middling watch.

Cast: Vikranth, Abhinaya, Aravind Singh, Arul Dass, Rahul Venkat & others

Cinematography: Sujith Sarang

Music: Jakes Bejoy

PRO: Diamond Babu

Written & Directed by: Sanjeev

Produced by: Studio Versatile Media

Distribution: Kalaipuli International

Release Date: 28-08-2015

Run Time: 02:21:00

Sethu, Vikranth’s last role as supporting actor in Pandia Naadu struck a chord with audiences and it lingered on for a while post the film’s release. After watching the trailer of Thaakka Thaakka, it piqued the curiosity of moviegoers and some of us were quite upbeat about the content. But after watching the film, I felt a little let down though. Not that I went with a truckload of expectations.

Thaakka Thaakka has a run-of-the-mill story-line; a revenge tale laced with friendship and romance. The makers have scored with the film’s tone and slick cinematography, which has really helped in the way the story has been treated. It’s not intriguing, not engaging but somehow director Sanjeev has firmly managed to make us sit through the film even after letting audiences know the outcome midway through.

Sathya’s (Vikranth) mother gets forcefully engaged in prostitution by Bala (Aruldoss) in his business. Sathya, who grows up seeing all these horror stories, bears the brunt of Bala when he kills Sathya’s mother inadvertently. Bala heads for the hills after this incident and reaches Chennai where he takes up menial jobs in a hotel to make ends meet. Little did he know that he will meet Bala in the future and his seething rage to settle scores with him still persists.

The first 15 minutes of the film are poignantly shot with good performances from the cast including Arul Doss, who plays one of the villains. The story wanders thereon and clambers its way to the interval. The second half is quite predictable and placed slowly. The story never delves into the melodramatic zone even during the most tempting situations and that’s really deserves mention. Had the screenplay made us yearn for the characters, made us a wee invested in the emotions, Thaakka Thaakka could have been a real triumph.

Technically, the film scores well on all aspects. The cinematography by Sujith Sarang is really good with most of the scenes shot during the night and he has captured the atmosphere on screen intimately. The music composed by Jakes appears jarring at many places where it blatantly feels like elevating the image of Vikranth.

Thaakka Thaakka, definitely, has its moments. But, the ready-made story-line and some unappealing screenplay choices Sanjeev has taken make it a middling watch.

Thaakka Thaakka Movie Review Rating: 2.5/5

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Written by Surendhar MK