Teddy Movie Review

Arya and talking teddy form a fun pair in this average entertainer! Here goes our Teddy Movie Review

Shakti Soundar Rajan’s films have always had interesting concepts, though they seem to be a bit similar to the films that come in the western part of the world. In his latest outing Teddy, the director brings in the concept of a talking teddy bear that tags along with a skilled man in order to find out the needle of a tough case. The film starts in Chennai and goes all the way to Azerbaijan, but is it engaging enough? Not so much.

Teddy is a film that has a few good ideas, but the execution from Shakti Soundar Rajan this time feels very amateurish and hurried. The film hops along pretty well in the first half but there are issues in the second half with respect to logic and the storyline itself, which has one too many bland sequences in it.

Arya’s performance is neat, and though the emotional sequences of the film don’t work out very well, the actor pulls off a good show and is a good fit to the role. The talking teddy is the x-factor of the film and does a great job, sure to entertain kids.

The film’s biggest plus point is the teddy’s presence, which makes it a different one to watch, but one does wish that the character was written in an adorable manner. Sayyeshaa has a nice cameo to play in the film, but Magizh Thirumeni who only comes for about ten minutes in total, has a very underdeveloped character.

Imman’s music is pretty good and has three songs which make a mark, while the rest of the technicalities are on song.

On the whole, Teddy is a watchable action thriller that comes with the talking teddy as an interesting aspect. The film could have been a lot more interesting but is fine as an OTT watch. Teddy Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Verdict: A passable entertainer that clicks thanks to the talking teddy! 

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