Superstar Rajinikanth wholeheartedly praises team Jigarthanda Double X!

Superstar Rajinikanth is one man who always praises the films that are worthy, despite his tough schedules. And the latest film to receive praise from him is none other than Jigarthanda Double X, the film directed by Karthik Subbaraj which is finding great footing at the box office.

In his letter to the team, Superstar Rajinikanth wrote, 

“Jigarthanda DoubleX is like the Kurinji flower, a rare occurrence. It is Karthik Subbaraj’s wonderful creation. A unique story in a unique setting. It is a new cinematic experience to the viewers. I am marvelled by Lawrence’s ability to perform in this new dimension and makes you wonder, “Can he act like this too?”. SJ Suryah is this generation’s “Nadigavel” (a reference to the revered actor – Late MR Radha). He has excelled in blending villainism, comedy and emotional performance. 

Thiru’s camera work is astounding. The efforts of the art directors is truly commendable. Dilip Subbarayan’s stunt choreography is marvellous. Santhosh Narayanan is the King of scoring uniquely for unique films. He has infused more life into this film with his music and has proven that he is a phenomenal music composer. 

I specially congratulate the Producer Kaarthekeyen Santhanam for making this film with such grandeur. The people who acted as tribals haven’t acted – rather they have lived as the characters. And competing with the actors in the performance are the Elephants. Any amount of praises would be worthy for Actor Vidhu who has performed as Shettani in the film. Brilliant!

Karthik Subbaraj has managed to make the audience applaud during the film, stunned during the film, think during the film and even cry during the film. I am proud of you, Karthik Subbaraj. My hearty congratulations to Karthik Subbaraj and team.”

The superstar is said to have been mightily impressed by the film, and is now on the way to listen to a new script from Karthik Subbaraj.

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