Superstar Rajinikanth appreciates Taramani as a bold film

Taramani which has opened to great response in the screens last week has received appreciation from none other than Superstar Rajinikanth. Producer J Sathish Kumar of J S K film corporation is visibly elated over the real success that has become a rarity in the film industry. 
“It was indeed a pleasant surprise to receive a call from the living legend. He said that he would call Taramani as a bold film. His appreciations and praises were in detail. He was curious enough to know the commercial response and expressed his joy when I conveyed that the film is turning out to be a huge box office hit.  As an actor who is in the initial stages of acting, I felt very happy when the Super star spoke in detail about my role and acting in Taramani which had given me huge accreditation as an actor too. This gesture motivates our unit to a great level,” says J Sathish Kumar with pride.

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