“Story of Urumeen spans three generations,” says director Sakthivel

Director Sakthivel Perumalsamy, who is gearing up for the release of Urumeen on December 4th, talks to Only Kollywood about his debut directorial effort in a brief chat. 

“Story of Urumeen spans three generations”

It is a fantasy-action thriller. The storyline is based on three generations, how they are linked and how it ends. The theme is revenge – two
friends, their ego clash and a small history forms the story. Tea has become indispensable in India, it’s sorta addiction, but we
are unaware of the history behind it. Of course Paradesi has shown how it all happened. But the double-dealing behind the history is
forgotten. You will be seeing tea as a character in the movie. A satire directed at the economic issues and the stuffs we use in our
day to day life is also a part of the story. The film has three layers – present portion happening in Chennai, a forest backdrop and the historical sequence set in the 17th century. 

Motion Capture

We have deployed 3D animation using motion capture technology to showcase an important transformation from the 17th century to 18th century . A young team based in Coimbatore has executed this sequence with open source coding. This will be the first few minutes of the movie and will be the crux to the portions there after. I request audiences to not miss the beginning few minutes to enjoy the film. Otherwise, they would feel lost in the story. 

On Casting Bobby Simha and Kalaiarasan

This is my first movie, there will obviously be insecurities on how a debutant will execute such a story. Bobby and Kalai are my friends, I
know Kalai before the time of Madras, actually Urumeen shoot started even before Madras kicked off. I didn’t chose Kalai or Bobby after their successes in Madras or Jigarthanda. I had some initial hiccups in production so it took time for me to sort all that. Meanwhile their
movies saw the light of day, so after that we started the shoot again.

Subtexts will be direct and comprehensible

The subtexts will be direct and comprehensible. Once our rupee value was 13 dollars but now 1 dollar values to 60 rupees, we are the reason
behind this, our indirect support is the main reason for this. How it leads to the downfall of our economy, all these kind of issues are
addressed in the film without reaching much details. The revenge for such an economic crime is the crux of the story, that’s why we chose
the tagline as “Revenge is Ultimate”. Tea and Petrol are the two deciding factors of our economy, if that is handled properly rest will
be streamlined. 


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