Star Movie Review

Kavin is extraordinary in Elan’s affecting tale about winning despite all the odds! Here goes our Star Movie Review.

Star Movie Review

A performance portfolio for Kavin through Elan’s creative brilliance!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Films about struggle and redemption are ones that truly connect with us at all levels, and Kavin – Elan’s latest release in Star is one among that. The film is a palette of emotions that takes us through the journey of the central character, his pain and passion, and his ultimate attainment.

Star is the story of a young man from the countryside who wishes to make it big in cinema, and how his dad’s motivation right from the young age is a perfect booster for him. The film takes us through his journey from school to his mid-life crisis, through love, familial commitments, pain and more. The film’s first half many interesting portions after the 20 minute mark, and it keeps us invested in the proceedings with ease. There are also a couple of big surprises for the audience, and Elan keeps us pinned with his well written scenes in the film. In the second half, the film does stutter a bit with the entrance of a new female character who is a little bit of a misfit to the proceedings. The film does lag a bit here, but where it gets back its mojo completely is in the climax which is the best aspect of the film. The ending of the film is what makes Star special, and it works out wonders for the film in totality.

Kavin’s special performance is fueled up by his calmness in the emotional scenes and his anger in the intense ones. The actor has shown terrific range in what is just his third theatrical outing, and that is brilliant for what he has done here.

The second most important and superb character in the film is Lal, who has delivered a strong performance again, along with Geetha Kailasam who is excellent as the mother. The film could have done better with more able heroines in place, as both Preity Mukundhan and Aaditi Pohankar are good fits who could have contributed more.

Yuvan Shankar Raja once again proves why he is a solid addition to the film, with his excellent songs and background score. There is also a huge surprise in the film for Yuvan fans, which is best saved for the big screen experience. Technically, Star is efficient with Ezhil’s camerawork being a big plus.

On the whole, Star is a film that gives us a one-of-a-kind experience in recent times, being an emotional journey that keeps us interested without any fights, dance numbers or much comedy. Kavin, Elan and Yuvan come together as a trio to deliver a film that is worth watching on the big screen for sure.

Star Movie Review Rating: 3.75/5

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