Rasavathi Movie Review

Arjun Das is superb in this engaging film that has an interesting narrative. Down goes our Rasavathi Movie Review.

Rasavathi Movie Review

A watchable intense drama featuring very good performances from Arjun Das and Sujith.

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Director Santhakumar known for his range of films such as Mounaguru and Mahamuni, is back with his next film in Rasavathi, a moody and atmospheric drama that puts a man vs man situation in an engaging way.

The film’s storyline is about a Siddha doctor who has a lovely past which turned dark, and his coming against a man who had a dark past and is trying to turn it around into something lovely. The hero-villain conflict is what makes Rasavathi differ from the usual, and director Santhakumar applies his intense and dramatic making skills to a plot that is thin on the whole. The first half is fully busy in establishment, while the second half is where the film peaks and enjoys itself as it reveals all the back stories.

Arjun Das delivers a strong performance in the lead role and has adhered to the structure of the film very well with his acting here. In the emotional scenes and the intense ones, he is really good.

Actor Sujith who plays the villain is another great addition to the film, and his character has been beautifully written with dark humor etched in nicely. The film also benefits from the presence of its two heroines in Tanya and Reshma.

Thaman’s music is the biggest plus point for the film, and the composer has showcased his versatility by working with this director for the third time. In particular, the track Thai Thai is superb.

On the whole, Rasavathi is an engaging film that keeps us pinned despite the storyline being very thin.

Rasavathi Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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