Sabhaapathy Movie Review

Santhanam leads this watchable comic caper. Here goes our Sabhaapathy Movie Review.

Sabhaapathy Movie Review

A timepass outing highlighted by Santhanam.

Story & Narration
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Santhanam’s films are following a template of sorts, with the actor playing the central character amidst a big star cast. The latest film in Sabhaapathy isn’t a new flight either, but it does one big change – Santhanam plays a man with a stammering issue and the events of the film travel around this problem of his and how it seen by different people in the society.

As his father moves into retirement, Santhanam is being pushed by him to find a job immediately. However, Santhanam finds it hard to land himself a job because of this stammering issue, and it starts to grow bigger as people in his locality also comment about it. The scene gets better for him though, as he comes across a suitcase filled with money, which changes his life and puts it on a track of twists.

Sabhaapathy’s plot is simple as it gets, and there’s nothing special in it except for the stammering issue that it brings, but it does promise a good load of laughs. The comic scenes featuring Santhanam and MS Baskar, Madurai Muthu are sure to bring in laughs, but the decency level is not great and that might be a worry for many. The film moves along with a fine pace until the interval, but after that, there is just an inconsistency that it suffers from. However, Santhanam holds it together and keeps giving the audience something to laugh at.

Santhanam is the lifeline of the film, and has a different outing without being too loud. The film hangs on to his stammering issues and the actor convincingly pulls it off, with support from MS Bhaskar who is a good fit. The rest of the cast including Preethi Rao, Shayaji Shinde and the others are decent fits.

Sam CS’s score is fair – There are no solid songs but his background score complements the proceedings. The cinematography and the editing in the film are good.

Sabhaapathy is a timepass affair which has Santhanam as a plus point, for the actor’s performance is the major takeaway from the film.  Sabhaapathy Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Sabhaapathy Movie Review Rating: 2.75/5

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