Run Baby Run Movie Review

RJ Balaji headlines a neatly crafted thriller that offers enough surprises! Below goes our Run Baby Run Movie Review.

Run Baby Run Movie Review

An interesting thriller that is engaging from start to finish!

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RJ Balaji, until now, has been an actor who has been seen with a knack of entertaining audiences with his spontaniety, fun-filled dialogue delivery and ripostes. But everything goes through change, and so does he, doing his first thriller in Run Baby Run, the Tamil film from director Jiyen Krishnakumar.

The film is a suspense thriller that focusses on Sathya, a bank employee who breaks into trouble when he falls into a tricky and wicked situation that has many unknown details behind it. The first half of the film sets things moving at a really good pace, and there are some proper thrills that the film has to deliver. Jiyen Krishnakumar does his job well in not wasting any time with his screenplay, and keeping the pace of the film in control. Into the second half, the film gets busy getting to the base of the crime by introducing many characters and a flashback sequence. Run Baby Run loses a bit of its steam here, but there the final twist is convincing and the film does bring out what it sets out to do.

It is a welcome departure for RJ Balaji who gets to show his versatility with this role, which is a mellowed-down version of what we have seen in his earlier films. There are a lot of places where the actor has toned down with respect to the dialogue delivery, and he does show promise that he can carry forward serious roles like this too.

Aishwarya Rajesh is an apt fit to the part, and though her role might seem small, her presence is the actual crux of the film. Director-actor Tamizh once again does a fine job as a cop, and the rest of the cast are well packed in though there are about 10-15 supporting artists in the film.

Technically, Run Baby Run is strong with neat camerawork by Yuva and superb editing by Ganesh Madan which keeps the film on its toes. Sam CS’ background score is easily the best thing about the film, and the composer elevates every scene beyond its potential.

On the whole, Run Baby Run is an efficient thriller that offers good thrills and twists to keep the viewer engaged until the end. The second half could have had more clarity, but director Jiyen Krishnakumar manages to pull off a fine thriller that has its weight well sorted.  Run Baby Run Movie Review by Only Kollywood

Run Baby Run Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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