RK Nagar Songs Review

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Papara Mittai
Yei Oodu Oodu

Adequately listenable soundtrack from Premgi!

In RK Nagar, Premgi shows more promise as a music composer, with some interesting tunes that are not wholly impressive, but shine in parts. With some more work on the lyrics, this could have got real better.

Cast: Vaibhav, Sana Althaf

Music: Premgi

Lyrics: Karpaga Rajan, Gangai Amaran, Parthi Bhasker, Kanchana logan

Direction: Saravana Rajan

Label: Muzik 247

Papara Mittai: Singer – Gaana Guna 

The ‘Son Son Son Papara Mittai’ hook helps this one across, a laid back gaana number from Premgi. The song has some enjoyable synths throughout which make it a cheerful one. Our PICK.

Adiye: Singer – Ranjith, Bhavatharini

Both Ranjith and Bhavatharini strike some good form in this two-toned number. While the drum base is basic, it gets more likable when the song actually gets into its ethnic color. Watch out for the fun-filled interludes, they are good enough to make it our PICK.

Petthaapuram: Singer – Malathi

Hugely worn out item number that has nothing working in its favor.

Yei Oodu Oodu: Singer – Vijay Yesudas

With a nicely set up raise-horn, the song has a great start but then moves on to a normal beat which has been heard in abundance previously. However, Vijay Yesudas gives it what it needs.

RK Nagar Songs Review Rating: 2.75/5

Written By: Siddarth Srinivas