Junga Songs Review

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Rise of Don
Amma Mela Sathyam
Parrys to Paris
Koottippo Koodave
Makkal Selvan Fans Song

Typical, fan-centered album!

Siddharth Vipin’s Junga is a partly likable, partly debilitated soundtrack. With his music working in parts, there’s work to do with the visuals. But however, this definitely has something in for the fans, for who the film seems to be directed at!

Cast: Vijay Sethupathi, Sayyesha, Madonna Sebastian

Music: Siddharth Vipin 

Lyrics: Lalitha Anand

Director: Gokul

Label: Think Music

Rise of Don: Singers – Suraj Jagan, Rockstar Ramani Ammal, Siddharth Vipin

Right from the start, Siddharth Vipin introduces rap, trumpets, drums and an enjoyable beat together for this intro track. It does do its best to induce the mass moments, and succeeds in the attempt. Our PICK!

Amma Mela Sathyam: Singers – Jagadeesh, Pavithra Gokul

A plain, old-fashioned kuthu romance song with vocals too at normalcy. Might have something in it for the fans.

Parrys to Paris: Singers – Anthony Daasan, Kalpana

Despite many listens, it’s a track that does not sit one’s head. However, Sayyeshaa’s dance moves to the tune should help it pick up momentum.

Lolikiriya: Singers – Marana Gaana Viji, Nakash Aziz

Once again, Siddharth Vipin adopts a very jaded kuthu beat, but this time, the comic lines come to the rescue. Jolly, fun-filled and other such adjectives can be used to describe this one.

Koottippo Koodave: Singers – Ranina Reddy, Sathyaprakash D

Easily the best song from the album, Siddharth Vipin shows his comfort and ability when it comes to lilting melodies. Ranina Reddy’s husky vocals are the USP, with Sathyaprakash chipping in with support. An awesome track, to put it short. Our PICK!

Makkal Selvan Fans Song: Singers – Suraj Jagan, Jagadeesh

‘Rasiganai Rasikkum Thalaiva’ – this phrase is more than enough to discuss what this song would be about. Packed with sounds and lines that a fan could easily connect with.

Junga Songs Review Rating: 3/5

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Written By: Siddarth Srinivas