Rajavamsam Movie Review

Sasikumar's this outing is a film that showcases the values of a joint family. Down goes our Rajavamsam Movie Review.

Sasikumar’s films these days invariably talk about familial values and his latest film in Rajavamsam is no different. The film has Sasikumar playing an IT guy, but only little is about the IT part of it and moves under the canopy of Sasikumar’s family which has close to 40 members in it.

Rajavamsam moves on as a family drama which uses its first half to establish the characters in the film, and introduce us to the family, helping us understand the members. The film hops on with dollops of forced comedy and lots of messages on how to hold the family together and move ahead. The second half comes with some typecast villains and the same messages to the society, which feel like they have been pulled in from various films in the past. The film introduces many plot points within the first few minutes itself, just like the IT project that Sasikumar is about to carry out in his office, but within the next two hours, we realise that it has been put on the back burner with no attention given to it at all.

Sasikumar plays a well-learned man from the city, but his characterisation is something is coming from the usuals. The film has a large starcast that has lot of famous names, but not many make a mark as it moves forward with basic routes for all the characters.

Rajavamsam could have done a lot better if it had some interesting deviations in the storyline. The film goes by the everyday routines for most parts, and offers nothing interesting or different even for those looking for a simple family entertainer.  Rajavamsam Movie Review by Only Kollywood

Verdict: A basic, routine family entertainer

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