Raavana Kottam Movie Review

Shanthnu is excellent in this rural drama that is a decent watch. Down goes our Raavana Kottam Movie Review.

Films on caste discriminations and politics around it are quite common off late in Tamil cinema, and the latest to join the list is director Vikram Sugumaran’s second film in Raavana Kottam.

Sengu (Shanthnu) and Madhi (Sanjay Saravanan) are friends who get together despite belonging to two different castes, addressed as ‘melthuru’ and ‘keezhtheru’ in the film. The film starts off as a love story and an ode to friendship and then slowly gets into the Seema Karuvela Maram angle. The fact about Raavana Kottam is that the film gets its caste politics and its bureaucracy similar to other films we have seen in the same department. While the first half is built around the romantic and friendship angles, the second half talks about the faction and the politics.

Shanthnu is earnest in his work, and it is a very controlled performance from him that is consistent throughout. Anandhi and Sanjay are also good additions to the cast, and their contributions are really valuable to the film.

The music by Justin Prabhakaran is an apt fit to the film, and he proves that he can do great work in rural films too. The technical factors of the film are good and there are no complaints on that front.

Raavana Kottam turns out to be a decent film on the whole, which could have been even better if the writing had been filled with stronger strokes.  Raavana Kottam Movie Review by Only Kollywood

Verdict: A fine rural drama that discusses caste politics. 

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