Good Night Movie Review

Manikandan and Meetha are excellent in this relatable, superbly written drama. Here goes our Good Night Movie Review.

Good Night Movie Review

A wonderful slice of life drama!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Debutant director Vinayak Chandrasekharan’s Good Night is an easy going and relatable tale that looks at a snoring problem from a very different perspective, and creates a very likable tale around it.

The film has Mohan (Manikandan) suffering from a snoring problem, that takes him apart from all the people he wants to get close to, and creates a lot of further problems in his life. When Mohan tries to live with it, he meets Anu (Meetha Raghunath), a soft and silent girl who considers herself unlucky because of what all has happened to her so far. The rest of the story is about how the duo come together, what happens to their marriage life and to the family as well. Director Vinayak has kept a very realistic and grounded approach to his narrative, which makes the film so easy to get into and fun to travel along with. His characterisations are neat and natural, and the film flows in an unhurried fashion which is great for a genre like this. The first half is more of a fun-filled setting, the second half is emotional with a great ending.

Manikandan is terrific as the young man Muthu, as he completely gets into the shoes of the character and does a superb job. Even in the nuances, the actor has made his performance so likable and it is hard to get past him in the film. On the other hand is the impressive Meetha Raghunath, who is very calm and composed in a matured portrayal of the young woman.

The cast also includes very impressive artists such as Ramesh Thilak who is superb as the mama, while Balaji Sakthivel is a great choice as well.

Good Night is technically solid too with good camerawork and superb music by Sean Roldan, who is easily striking it big with all of his albums. The songs add a sense of charm to the film, and the BGM is very comforting throughout.

On the whole, Good Night is a spectacular tale that is definitely worth watching in theatres. The film could have been a little more consistent in its second half, but that does not matter in the bigger picture – this is definitely worth all your time. Good Night Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Good Night Movie Review Rating: 3.75/5

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