Pathu Thala Songs Review

Team Credits
  • Cast: Silambarasan, Gautham Karthik, Priya Bhavani Shankar
  • Music: AR Rahman
  • Director: Obeli N.Krishna
  • Production: Studio Green

Pathu Thala Songs Review

Namma Satham
Nee Singam Dhan
Pathu Thala

A sublime, exciting soundtrack from AR Rahman that delivers the full load!

Namma Satham: Singers – AR Rahman, Yogi Sekar 👍

Give it to AR Rahman for uniquely presenting a celebratory number, adapting to a great beat and topping it with his vocals. The song starts off with a lovely chant, and then moves onto superb quarters with wonderful raises. There is a melodic rhythm that Rahman maintains despite the drum-heavy organization of the song, and that is special.

Ninaivirukka: Singers – AR Ameen, Shaktisree Gopalan

AR Ameen on the mic – that is the best and most interesting aspect of the song, as he totally takes it upon himself to own more than half of the song. It is a wonderful minimalistic track which slightly goes down after Shaktisree’s entry, both the background and the vocals could have been better then.

Nee Singam Dhan: Singer – Sid Sriram 👍

Right from the note this one starts off, it is a beautiful song that is filled with feels all round. Sid Sriram is undoubtedly the best pick for the song, and the chorus portions are also well sorted out. Hat tip to lyricist Vivek for some relatable lines in this song.

Raawadi: Singers – Shuba, Nivas 👍

A total smasher from AR Rahman, and it has indeed been a long time since he has got to play around with a track like this. Shuba’s mischievous vocals give us the high we need, and the male vocals entering the latter half are superb as well. Special mention to the first interlude which is absolutely kickass! 

Pathu Thala: Singers – Deepthi Suresh, Sathyaprakash, Sreekanth Hariharan 👍

Just when we thought that the album is over, AR Rahman drops an absolute banger which turns out to be the best song from the album. This is so superbly done that it somehow makes you drive away the attention towards the other songs in the album. If this is not fire onscreen, I don’t know what else will create it for the movie.

Rahman proves it again that he has a splendid relationship with director Krishna when it comes to music, and that he will always make the extra effort when it comes to STR’s films. Pathu Thala is an album which easily overtakes the combo’s last one in VTK, which in itself is a huge feat given the top quality album that was. The composer ensures that he strikes it big with beats, lyrics, vocals or hooks wherever needed. On the whole, a crackerjack soundtrack! Pathu Thala Songs Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Pathu Thala Songs Review Rating: 4/5

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