Panni Kutty Movie Review

Anucharan comes out with a sweet film in his second outing! Below goes our Panni Kutty Movie Review.

Panni Kutty Movie Review

A very likable slice-of-life film told in an engaging manner!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Anucharan made a stamp with his first film in Kirumi, a smashing film that spoke about something that happens in our life but is never put into the open. After directing four episodes of the trending web series Suzhal, Anucharan is back with his sophomore feature film, which is a direct contrast to the first two works that he has done.

In Panni Kutty, we see Uthra (Karunakaran), a man who has run out of luck in his life, and is resorting to the words of a seer (Leoni) to see if there’s a way in which he can get his wishes fulfilled. After Uthra is told to steal a bike to change his fortunes, he does so but then meets him with an accident, which is caused by a piglet. As he is then told to harm the piglet to bring his luck back to form, he goes in search of the piglet to harm it. However, he does not know that it belongs to Thittani (Yogi Babu), a man who has to protect the piglet to get married.

As the plot goes, Panni Kutty revolves a pig and superstitions in our surroundings – Anucharan has woven his storyline interestingly including incidents which don’t matter much but still are funny to sit and watch. The film is treated as a slice-of-life offering that does not have laugh-out-loud moments but keeps giving in some lighthearted moments that make it worth a watch overall.

Karunakaran has done a very good job playing the lead role, and has a full-length role to play. The actor proves that he can take over such roles and play them effortlessly. Ramar has a good part to play too. Yogi Babu is unlike much of the roles he has done, and has a very controlled outing here.

The music and the technicalities of the film are taken over in a neat way.

On the whole, Panni Kutty is a watchable entertainer that brings out a clean film in a mostly enjoyable way.  Panni Kutty Movie Review by Only Kollywood

Panni Kutty Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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