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“No one can replace Mohanlal Sir in Randamoozham,” says Prabhas

No one can replace Mohanlal Sir in Randamoozham says Prabhas


Actor Prabhas said no one can replace Mohanlal in Randamoozham, which is billed as India’s most expensive project at a whopping budget of Rs. 1000 crores.

“Mohanlal sir is one of the best actors world cinema has ever seen. No one can replace him in such an epic project based on a classic novel like Mahabharata. I would be more than happy to play a role in the movie if ever Mohanlal sir leaves me one. He could never be replaced by me, or anyone else in the industry. Mohanlal is always perfect in what he does,” said Prabhas in a recent media interaction in Kochi.

Baahubali 2 is releasing in over 300+ screens in Kerala by Global United Media, which raked in the moolah with the first instalment Baahubali:The Beginning.

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