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Nedunchalai – Movie Review

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Darker Side of an Highway

Walk-in with no expectations and the flick will surprise you with some hunch of 1970's highway travel experience.

Cast : Aari, Shivada Nair, Salim Kumar, Prashant Narayanan, Thambi Ramaiya.

Music : Sathya

Cinematography : Rajavel Olhiveeran

Editing : Kishore TE

Written – Directed by : Krishna

Production : Fine Focus

Distribution : Red Giant Movies

Duration : 1st Half – 1 Hr 11 mins ; 2nd Half – 1 Hr 15 mins ; Total – 2 Hrs 26 mins

Release Date : 28-03-2014


If we are talking about good films and rare attempts then Red Giant Movies as a production unit with their releases have always been in full throttle. Director Krishna coming late after his previous release Sillunu Oru Kadhal had left all the fame that the film gave him way back and would surprise the audience by giving Nedunchalai in a whole different genre. When you talk about trend in Tamil cinema there is empty box in the current scenario, different directors are coming up different plots understanding that audience are ready to accept good cinema. First of all the director needs an appreciation for the attempt rather talking about hit or flop. This kind of appreciations would boost up debut film makers and endure the art of film making and support the guts in them.

Nedunchalai is a dark romantic thriller flash back that happened way back in the 1970’s. The movie starts with an M.R.Kishore Kumar (aged) starting his trip in a lorry with two other drivers from Chennai to Delhi. Kishore Kumar shares his own story to the drivers adding all the thrill, betrayal, friendship, romance and the highway theft done by the most notorious Tharpai Murugan portrayed by the hero of Nedunchalai, Aari.

Aari is found as a baby by an old man in a highway accident, takes him under care and a highway burglar influences Aari to this job by killing the old man. Later he grows as Tharpai murugan a notorious highway burglar who attempts his theft in a rough, brave and energetic manner, earns the notorious fame being special by leaving his identity unknown to the public, is the different attempt. The leading lady Shivada Nair steals the show with her bold and brisk acting runs a dhaba in a highway with Thambi Ramaiya and a small chap. She plays the role Manga and gets in small fight with Aari leaving him in agony and getting him caught to the police inspector Prashanth Narayanan not knowing the intention of the officer, Manga gets in trouble with him. Taking advantage of the scenario the police officer tries to bring in bad name to the heroine by arresting her claiming her a call girl. Manga is then saved by Murugan and she eventually falls in love with him. Raging with anger the police officer then tries to take on his revenge by inducing Murugan and tries to get him killed. Manga getting the awareness of the plot saves the hero, turns the soft corner but Murugan loses one of his mates in the attempt, ends the first half.

The second half of the movie is the soft romance between Murugan and Manga. The actress takes all the effort in changing the attitude and profession of the hero. Meanwhile she gets lots of trouble from the police inspector, Murugan’s fellow mates and others. Getting aware of the situation Murugan surrenders himself to the district collector and gets the apologize promising to lead a life in a proper manner. Here is the trouble starts for the pair with lots of revenge, agony, betrayal and tragedy.

The supporting roles of the actor Salim Kumar, Kumki Ashwin, Prashanth Narayanan, M.R .Kishore Kumar and Thambi Ramiya should take all the credits of the good show. Salim Kumar beats you with his experienced performance and watching closely his timely dialogues will help you giggle at times.

Nedunchalai has a good story plot, narration, backdrops (1970s) and performance but has the negatives as well the darkness and lose of clarity makes audience tough to prolong the show. The BGM is really superb but scored less in the songs, the properties used in the movie needs a certain appreciation, be it the vehicle Aari uses, the highway dhaba, or the locations everything supported the director in making Nedunchalai a hard tough dark romantic thriller.