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Inam – Movie Review

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Technical Aspects

Endured Pain

To wrap up, Inam is written in the red ink, go read it without expecting entertainment. It's a 'FILM' that partly clears what all the pain our Inam had undergone.

Cast – Sugandha, Karan, Saritha, Karunas, Janaki, Shyam Sunder, Sowmya, Tasleem.

Music & BGM – Vishal C

Editing – TS Suresh

Dialogues – Aarthi Sivakumar & Shyam Sunder 

Cinematography & Direction – Santosh Sivan

Producer – Mubin Rattonsey, Santosh Sivan & N. Subhash Chandra Bose

Distribution – Thirrupathi Brothers Pvt Ltd

Run Time – 1st Half : 50 mins & 35 secs ; 2nd Half : 1 Hr 2 mins & 25 secs : Total : 1 Hr 53 mins

Release Date : 28-03-2014

“If Inam is just the inspiration as said in the title cards for the director then it is to be accepted the cinematic way. If the director had the cliché of providing the movie on Eelam issue then Inam has certainly left out the untold, unfolded, untouched sensitive pain that the history really holds”


The screenplay draws by Rajini narrating the entire story to an officer at a refugee camp. Rajini (Sugandha), Ravi (Shyam Sunder), Ayesha (Sowmya), Muthu (Tasleem), Stella (Janaki) and Stanley (Karunas) along with other refugees were staying in a home under the care of “Tsunami Akka” (Saritha) who lost a part of her family in the civil war and the rest of her family in Tsunami. The mentally ill Nandan (Karan), whose brother works for the separatist militant group joins this home.

Ravi, in spite of his love his love with Rajini, secretly leaves the home to join the civil war and to support the separatist movement like his senior Aravind who made a similar exit from the home a long time ago.  The frustrated Tsunami Akka thinks that the only way to prevent boys from running away to join the war is to wedlock them with the girls in the home. Due to circumstances, Rajini chooses to marry innocent Nandan, though she still had love for Ravi. They all undergo a series of attacks, few survived, few lost their lives including the motherly Tsunami Akka who was the only one taking care of everyone in the home. After Tsunami Akka’s death they planned to migrate and during their migration, Rajini gets raped brutally by the Country’s Army men, Muthu gets gunshot on his leg. Finally they end up in a medical center for medication where Nandan meets his younger brother who is also injured in the war while fighting till the last breath of their leader. The movie ends with Rajini completing her narration and the officer giving her the words of hope to find a better life.


On the whole Inam is one of the rough attempts without forcibly imposing any of the so called commercial elements of usual mainstream targeted  movies. The performance of Karan who played as Nandan in the movie is outstanding. He carried the movie on his shoulders wherever other elements hung back. Inam had three songs, which are definitely positioned well. Other technicalities including perception of sound, usage the slang language, locale, art were perfect and its needless to mention about the cinematography. Symbolism were used in many scenes in the movie which is worth mentioning, after all cinema is a visual medium. Dialogues and the presentation could have been little better. Editing by TS Suresh is razor sharp!

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