Naai Sekar Movie Review

Sathish’s first outing as a hero is sure to woo the kids in the family! Below goes our Naai Sekar Movie Review.

Films with dogs usually turn out to be interesting ones in Tamil cinema, and the latest to join the list is Sathish’s debut ‘hero’ outing in Naai Sekar.

Naai Sekar deals with the fantasy concept of a man-dog reversal, which takes place when a scientist who experiments with pets runs into Sekar (Sathish). As Sathish starts to develop the traits of a dog, the dog Padayappa (with a hilarious voice by Mirchi Shiva) starts to behave like a man. This exchange creates a lot of trouble for Sekar, but a lot of funny situations for the audience.

But Naai Sekar does not come without a pinch of salt. The film has an average start and only picks up the pace with the entry of the dog. The film sails then into an entertaining mode, with jokes coming by easily until it moves to the interval point. The second half is more like a comedy of errors, and it works in parts for those in the elder ages and will be a treat for the young ones.

Naai Sekar’s credit would be attributed to both Sathish and the dog in equal portions, as the duo make it an entertaining ride even though the comics are sparsely populated. Sathish does very well as the lead and is able to carry the weight of the film on his shoulders and perform comfortably in the comic sequences.

There are a lot of scenes that need him to mimic the habits of a dog, and it is clear that he has put in effort for those sequences. On the other hand are the supporting artists such as Pavithra Lakshmi who is a cute presence, Kishore himself, Ilavarasu, George and Shankar.

Ajesh’s music for Naai Sekar is largely based on dog sounds and playful tunes, and he does it well. The highlight of the film however is the Edakku Modakku number composed by Anirudh, where Sathish steals the show with his superb dance moves which come off as a surprise.

Toting up, Naai Sekar is a fun-filled comic outing that doesnt break new barriers but will turn out to be an entertaining outing at the cinemas for the young ones.  Read Naai Sekar Movie Review by Only Kollywood

Verdict: A family-friendly entertainer that has Sathish in fine form!

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