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Template horror drama.

Mohini definitely had all the chances and a little more caution on the writing and narration might have been a sweet memory for the talented actress.

Cast: Trisha, Jacky Bhagnani, Yogibabu, Poornima Bhagyaraj, Swaminathan, Ganesh, Madhumitha & others

Cinematography: RB Gurudev

Music: Mervin Solomon & Vivek Siva

Editing: Dinesh Ponraj

Written & Directed by: R Madhesh

Produced by: Lakshman Kumar for Prince Pictures

Banner: Marvel Worth Production

Release Date: 27-07-2018

Run Time: 02:22:00

Tamil industry has almost a huge collection of horror flicks and Mohini just adds to the library with not much of an impact. The plot is predictable and coming from an actress with Trisha’s caliber, the writing and narration definitely had to be better.

Just like the horror films in the south, it seems to be a safe bet for most directors as they prefer comedy portions and mix it up with the thriller portions. Mohini is also the same, but where it lags is that there are very few dialogues from Yogi Babu and Swaminathan for giggles. The platform was set right but the logical slip almost covers the entire screenplay.

Trisha plays a dual role in which she comes as a soft spoken Vaishnavi and a bold individual as Mohini, there seems to be no difference in her look and attitude but the director justifies it with a narrative flashback of how both Vaishnavi and Mohini are connected. Trisha as Vaishnavi get to fly to London in favour of Yogi Babu who gets an job in a leading pastry. As Trisha reaches London she is possessed by Mohini and takes revenge, why and how is answered with a flashback. The director has done a justification on his core message – child safety; it should have been impactful but stays very much flat. How Trisha plans her revenge and did Vaishnani escape Mohini’s possession leads to the climax.

Director Madesh has completely banked on the role of Vaishnavi and Mohini and if at all he had given much importance for the other characters Mohini would have passed the line comfortably. Yogi Babu’s comedy seems to be the pattern and the quicker he breaks it, the safer he is and as of Swaminathan, Ganesh and Madhumitha they had their chances each. Jacky Bhagnani as Sandeep plays the male lead as in most of the horror films he seems to be present throughout with not much to deliver.

The fashion seems to be growing for the actresses who now prefer a lead solo role and try to showcase all their experience and talent; Mohini should be the one for Trisha. Overall, Mohini definitely had all the chances and a little more caution on the writing and narration might have been a sweet memory for the talented actress.

Mohini Movie Review Rating: 2.5/5

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