Mersal teaser release was postponed to respect Vivegam, reveals editor Ruben

Vivegam’s swashbuckling run has not only excited Ajith’s fans, but has also caused a ring of hatred from some sources around. The film, which has now grossed more than 50 crores in a flash, is running well despite negative reviews surrounding it.

Editor Ruben took to Facebook to drop his thoughts on the film, revealing a very sweet happening that the teaser of Mersal was pushed to support the release and the run of Vivegam. This in turn is a good sign to unite both Vijay and Ajith fans, who used to lose no opportunity to lock horns with each other.

His full post here,

Glory to God

I see many elements against cinema in the recent past, where technology is become very handy & every single person is become a reviewer!
And above all there are few biased/paid reviews,haters disguised as Fans,hatred towards a STAR,FILMMAKERS or the film itself(as negativity sells most throughout the world today)!
Against all these odds, i thank both my stars #Ajith sir – #Vijay sir, my directors Atlee Kumar – Siva Kumar & my producers Sathyajyoti films – Thenandal studios for their mutual love & respect towards each other & their respective products(films) and made sure that their promotional contents like first look or teaser/trailer or music did not OVER SHADOWED each other.(example:#Vivegam trailer release was postponed for #Mersal single release & #Mersal teaser release was postponed for a few weeks,respecting the release & the run of #Vivegam )
P.S. Afterall, we all belong to the same family(cinema) & let’s share some RESPECT & MATURITY! And yes, may be it’s a RACE but definitely not the RAGE!

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