“Mani Ratnam showered you with superlatives,” Mysskin’s heartfelt letter to Vetrimaaran

Vetrimaaran’s investigative drama Visaaranai is the talk of the tinsel town ever since it bagged the Cinema For Human Rights award from Amnesty International at the recently concluded Venice Film Festival. Mysskin, who recently arranged a special preview for fellow directors in the industry, has penned a lengthy, heartfelt letter to Vetrimaaran detailing the proceedings vividly.

“Dear Vetrimaaran,

Few weeks back, I called you to congratulate for getting a special award in Venice Film festival for your movie “Visaranai”. You invited me to your office and showed me a clip from the movie. I was shocked by its merciless brutality and honesty. I came back to my office in a shock. I couldn’t share with anybody for fear of gossip, but I gave up being Buddha when my close friends enquired me…”Have I seen the movie or any news about Visaranai?” I told them my mind…they became silent.
Next day, I met C. Mohan in a birthday party. He held my arm and asked me excitedly, “Have you seen ‘Visaranai’?” I said, Not yet”. He said “You must see it…it’s a great movie”. I felt dumb…I could see Mohan was sincere…
I called you and requested for a preview. You asked me to gather few more directors… the venue was fixed… next day night…at your office…from your edit suite…I started calling directors…one rascal called Balajisakthivel gave a new twist to the tale… “Why don’t we celebrate ‘Visaranai’ for the accolade?”…It sounded perfect!
Next moment, I started preparing a small get-together of directors… in my office terrace…and messaged all the leading creators…“Shall we celebrate Vetri’s award?”…hoping to get at least a 10% response…within few minutes I got the reply from every body…’YES’…
Euphoric, I became busy that day preparing for the get-together meeting and I missed the preview… few directors watched…moved…cried…praised…blah-blah-blah… 
Manirathnam was the firrst to come for the meeting…followed by Bala, Linguswamy, Shankar, Ram, Mohan Raja, Samudrakani, Balajisakthivel, KV Anand, Sasi, Rohini, Manikandan, Ranjit, Subramaniyasiva, Stanley, Mahesh
Muthusmy, Tapasnayak..And your team members…Manirathnam showered you with superlatives (he had seen the  film)…Samudrakani as a crew member and an actor was speechless on the podium… Balaji felt shameful for his inability to express his watching experience…Stanley refused to talk but volunteered to become a megaphone for the movie… Subramaniyasiva gave a lecture about your courage…Manikandan disquali

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