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Laththi Movie Review

Vishal shines in this action heavy thriller that is worth watching for its stunts. Down goes our Laththi Movie Review.

Vishal is always known for his action thrillers that have loads of stunt sequences in them, and the same returns with Laththi which is an action thriller that starts off in typical commercial fashion and then moves into a completely action packed phase in the second half.

Muruganantham (Vishal) is a constable who is now suffering a suspension, because of something wrong that went in his police days. As his tough feelings overtake him, and he is trying to find a way back to the job, he gets an opportunity to meet an earlier associate of him who brings him back to the job. However in the very few days of joining the job again,  Muruganantham is forced to beat up a big shot gangster who decides to take revenge on him for his action. As the gangster treads every path of his to find and nab Muruganantham, the events move into a big building which is unfinished. What happens there forms the events in the course of the film.

Laththi has an interesting plot but keeps its potentials in check. The film could have been even more better than what it is today had it added to its emotional beats as much as it gives importance to its action portions. The film’s start is very slowly and steadily taken ahead and there are hardly any big high moments in the first half except for the interval block which is somewhat interesting. In the second-half, the film moves into a complete action zone and there is a 45 minute nonstop action sequence which comes with different styles and scenarios and could be interesting for those who have liked Vishal’s style of action in the past.

Somewhere, one does feel that director Vinoth could have made the screenplay pattern of the film in a much more interesting and engaging manner, managing to capture the attention of the audiences for more time. The film at present does not have the high moments that one needs for an action thriller like this and is only half baked in its presentation.

One cannot go without saying that Vishal has done an extraordinary job with his effort for this film as it is his highest demanding effort both physically and mentally. The actor has given it his all for the film. As he rolls in the sand, plucks out his skin and even does tough stunts on his own to make it look very realistic.

However, the film would have worked more in his favor had it been shot in an interesting way, as the cinematography and the other technical factors in it are very much on the weaker side. The supporting cast too does not offer big shakes to the film and are there just to do their job to a par level.

On the whole, Laththi just a decent action thriller that could have been a lot more. Credit must however go to Vishal and the stunt master Peter Hein who do a great job with the work alloted to them.  Laththi Movie Review by Only Kollywood

Verdict : A fine action thriller lit up by Vishal’s superb performance.

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