Kuttra Parambarai: Enraged Bharathiraja takes on Bala

After latest reports that Bala is all set to revive veteran filmmaker Bharathiraja’s Kuttra Parambarai, the latter has come out all guns blazing and accused Bala of stealing the story of his dream project.

“It is a story I and writer Rathinakumar discussed to exhaustive details for over 50 days. Vela Ramamoorthi, a close friend of mine from my hometown, participated in the story discussion for only one day. Now, when I called Bala, he says Vela has given him this story. Even a child knows that Kuttra Parambarai is my dream project. Bala was short of words when I spoke to him. After that, I never talked to him about the film. Being betrayed is the greatest agony that a person could ever suffer. It frets me when someone else takes ownership on my ideas and hardwork,” says Bharathiraja.

Kuttra Parambarai is a story I had listened to while I was just a foetus. It is not just a story but my father’s tears; my ancestors’ bloodshed behind the bars during the British supremacy. Thousands of cooked-up stories and falsified narratives blackened the names and legends of my ascendants. Kuttra Parambarai is my attempt to obliterate the stigma forced upon my ancestors,” he adds. 

Bharathiraja also revealed that he has initiated discussions with a London-based company last month to bankroll the project. “One cannot do this film on a low budget, it requires minimum Rs. 20 crores. I have been waiting to bring this film alive on screen for the past 20 years.”




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